Legbas Crossing Heather Russell

ISBN: 9781282553439

Published: June 3rd 2010


202 pages


Legbas Crossing  by  Heather Russell

Legbas Crossing by Heather Russell
June 3rd 2010 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 202 pages | ISBN: 9781282553439 | 8.52 Mb

In Haiti, Papa Legba is the spirit whose permission must be sought to communicate with the spirit world. He stands at and for the crossroads of language, interpretation, and form and is considered to be like the voice of a god. In Legbas Crossing, Heather Russell examines how writers from the United States and the anglophone Caribbean challenge conventional Western narratives through innovative use, disruption, and reconfiguration of form.Russells in-depth analysis of the work of James Weldon Johnson, Audre Lorde, Michelle Cliff, Earl Lovelace, and John Edgar Wideman is framed in light of the West African aesthetic principle of ashe, a quality ascribed to art that transcends the prescribed boundaries of form.

Ashe is linked to the characteristics of improvisation and flexibility that are central to jazz and other art forms. Russell argues that African Atlantic writers self-consciously and self-reflexively manipulate dominant forms that prescribe a certain trajectory of, for example, enlightenment, civilization, or progress. She connects this seemingly postmodern meta-analysis to much older West African philosophy and its African Atlantic iterations, which she calls the Legba Principle.

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