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Once Upon a Birthday  by  Arthur Groom

Once Upon a Birthday by Arthur Groom
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Apologies in advance. This is not a clever review. It contains no facetiousness, nor pictures of inappropriate sexual equipment. All in all, Id rate it a clear g if I were on a censorship board. Ill do better later in the day.Its odd, in the bookworld, that we describe ephemera as something of physical slightness, when often the content itself is so ephemeral.

This applies to most fiction, but perhaps childrens in particular. Arthur Groom once made kids happy for his living. Now he is completely unknown.We sell a lot of childrens books and recently a couple of o/s customers enquired about this and let it drop. That turned out to be lucky for the lady who did buy it...I thought I would add a few reactions on goodreads to books received by our customers as they bring such joy - especially long lost childrens books....I told this to Di, who wrote back:Wow, Im so glad I live here then!This was my favourite book as a child.

I spent many happy hours glued to the lovely pictures, as I was often sick in bed with asthma and back then (Im ancient) there was no real treatment other than adrenalin injections when you were absolutely gasping, so bed (no exertion) was the treatment. Im sure my mother thought this book was a life-saver (kept me distracted and the bell by my bed quiet!)I have just read it to my little grand-daughter, who also studied the pictures carefully.

As old-fashioned as it is, I think this book will remain a favourite in our family for a long time. You have made me/us very happy. Thank you again.

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